Shaping Excellence in Skills and Education

Establishment and Leadership: Mount Seena Private ITI was established in 2008 under the auspices of The BaithShariqa Al Khairi Trust (BSKT). From its inception, the institution has been dedicated to providing quality training and education to the community. Governed by a commitment to excellence, BSKT has played a pivotal role in fostering educational initiatives that contribute to the holistic development of individuals.

Leadership in Palakkad District: Situated in Palakkad district, Mount Seena Private I.T.I has emerged as a leading private Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I) in the region. Our commitment extends beyond just imparting technical skills; we aim to nurture individuals who can actively contribute to the progress of the nation and society.

Outsourcing Excellence: Mount Seena takes pride in being a beacon of excellence in education, training, and infrastructure. We have established ourselves as a trusted institution that outsources its standards of excellence to other educational bodies. This collaborative approach ensures that our commitment to quality is shared across institutions.

Offered Courses: We provide National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) courses in the following trades:

  • Electrician
  • Fitter
  • Draughtsman Civil
  • Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics

Achievements : Our trainees have consistently demonstrated excellence, not only in their academic pursuits but also in skill competitions and extracurricular activities. Mount Seena's participants have secured top positions in state-level skill competitions, showcasing their proficiency in their respective trades. Our commitment to practical skill development is evident in their success.

Participation in Skill Expo: Mount Seena actively participates in skill expos, including notable events such as the one held at Govt I.T.I Malampuzha. These platforms provide our students with opportunities to showcase their skills, network with industry professionals, and gain exposure to emerging trends in their fields.

Holistic DevelopmentAt Mount Seena, we understand that education goes beyond the classroom. Our focus on holistic development is evident through our participation in various extracurricular activities, promoting a well-rounded educational experience for our students.

In conclusion, Mount Seena Private I.T.I stands as a symbol of educational excellence, dedication to skills development, and a commitment to shaping individuals who can positively impact society. We continue to strive for innovation, collaboration, and the holistic growth of our students, contributing to the larger goals of our community and nation.